Rajakumar Movement

“The Wonca Asia Pacific Working Party for Young and Future Family Doctors”
Launched June 5th 2009 in Hong Kong
Mr Arjuna Rajakumar
Ms Kiren Rajakumar
Dr Naomi P Harris
Datuk Dr Daniel Thuraiappah

Contact – Dr Naomi P Harris (p) +61 413 371 373 (e) rajakumarmovement@yahoo.com.au


Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference will be held in Cebu, Philippines from February 20th to 24th 2011 and there will be an extensive junior doctor program available.

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A quote from Dr. M.K. Rajakumar

Let us form collaborative bilateral links for a pooling of experience and expertise that will have a beneficial multiplier effect on both partners. Experience in vastly different cultures and environments will make us better doctors and better human beings....


A message from Dr. M.K. Rajakumar

Dear Dr Naomi Harris,
I am both honoured and embarassed by your initiative in my name. I agree to the use of my name, but as you know, we all worked together and contributed to the advancement of health care in the community through General Practice. Your own emergence from student to become a leader of the profession is testimony to our efforts. Our region is fertile field for your efforts. I shall be following closely your endeavours for the health of our people. Best wishes, Sincerely, Rajakumar....

Cancun Preconf site

The World’s Future General Practitioners 2010 Pre-Conference Proposal.