About Rajakumar Movement

The Rajakumar Movement so far?

In August 2008, Prof Michael Kidd planted the seed in my mind of establishing a sister organisation to the highly successful Wonca Europe Vasco da Gama Movement.

After extensive research, The Rajakumar Movement idea was conceived. In September 2008 Dr Rajakumar provided permission for his name to be associated with this new development in our region of the world. He expressed his characteristic humility and also his delight at lending his name to our new movement.

We had an initial meeting of this new initiative at the Wonca Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne on 4th October, 2008. 40 people attended from countries across our region.
I will highlight below what I have managed to achieve in terms of The Rajakumar Movement since then;

  • A graphic artist has designed the logo for The Rajakumar Movement. This was very generously funded by GPRA – General Practice Registrars Australia.
  • An article and logo were included in the World Wonca newsletter
  • All member organisations and also the attendees at the Melbourne meeting have been receiving regular emails with any new developments in the project
  • Following the sudden passing of Dr Rajakumar, I have developed a friendship with his family. In two weeks I will travel to KL to have dinner with Sunita, Mrs Rajakumar, Dr Thuraiapah and their families
  • On May 2nd 2009 I am speaker in front of the family medicine trainees from the Malaysian Academy of Family Physicians
  • I have been personally invited to attend the World WOnca Women in Family Medicine meeting in Norwich, UK. This invitation was extended due to my work with Wonca to establish The Rajakumar Movement. My RTP (Regional Training Provider) has very generously paid the airfare for me to attend this meeting.
  • Currently I am planning for the official launch of The Rajakumar Movement in Hong Kong in June 2009. There is proposed involvement from the family of Dr Rajakumar. I am waiting to hear from Dr Andrew Ip regarding this.

At the Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Hong Kong there will be a workshop on June 5th at 1200 to commence truly region wide involvement and form an executive and working groups.

Where to now?

  • Develop constitution
  • Establish strong ties with VdGM
  • Ensure Asia Pacific Region wide involvement
  • Plan for preconference masterclasses
  • Establish a mentoring program
  • Possible Skype communication
  • Establish working groups and an executive
  • Establish action list